login | portal login leads to the official page of Dadeschools, is a gateway for students in Dade County, Florida. This is an official website for Miami Dade County public schools. As one of the largest and most prominent schools in the District of United States, it is located in Florida and serves the whole Miami Dade county region. You should know more about the school login employing a straight forward approach. registration | login | portal

Dadeschools provide wide variety of subjects for students at the institution. At, students, parents & staff all can access to the internet. They may log in and can examine their personal information, as well as other information, in accordance with their goals.

Anyone may login into their account by following the instructions below. for which first you will need to register on Here’s how to sign up for a account.

Procedure for Login?

  • For an instant login, click on the link Login Page
  • Then you will be prompted to enter your username and password to register.
  • Username refers to a student’s or employee’s unique identifier.
  • Enter your personal information as demanded into the relevant fields.
  • Then click on login & then you will get entered into login portal. You may also log in with your badge by clicking here.

How to login on as student?

Students can access many academic information which they might require while schooling. You can access to Student Highlights, Resources, and other useful information about their schooling.

  • Click on this link Login to access the student portal.
  • Then use your student id as a username, fill all the detail & set your desired password for the profile
  • You can create a school account if you don’t already have one. To do so, go to the Create Account option on the login page and fill out an application.
  • After signing-up, you will be automatically logged off & then you’ve to again sign in with using new password.
  • Now click on enter to open your account as a student. Login as parents?

If you want to keep track of your children’s activities on this website, then you need these basic detail of relevant student such as their student ID and PIN number (parent), as well as their date of birth, birthplace, and zip code. You now have these, and you may put them to good use.

  • Parents can access the parent login site by clicking the link Dadeschools/parentlogin
  • Fill the information required on the login page.
  • Then enter your password & click login.
How to access as employee?

Teachers and other staff can also take advantage of this online account to manage their information and schedules. It works similarly to other login systems, but you must provide access to the account.

  • Click here to reach management page.
  • Here you’ve to enter your DadeSchools ID and then tap Continue.
  • Then you will receive your password on the basis of your username Once you’ve received your password, go to this page and click the link here.
  • Then click on login by using your username & recently received password.
App for the Login portal

You can also use their Android and iPhone app which is very handy to use. Just simply go to your device’s Google Play Store or Apple store & search for the app. Below links are given to direct download the App’s. login App for android mobile in which dadeschool mobile written in black colour on a white background

For Android Click Here

For iPhone, go to this page.

The App will also work in the same way as the website. & it will be more handy

How can I access the portal at

It’s not the same as the other log-in techniques explained in this article. Let’s talk about how to sign up and log in to this site.

  • To Login, Click on the link login
  •  Make sure you check the box to agree to the conditions and terms, then press next
  •  Fill in the required fields, then tap register
  • You now have an account at DadeSchools, and proceed next step by clicking on login
  •  Use the same information you have used while registering Dadeschools account
  •  Click Login, and you’re ready to go.

Dadeschools Details:

M-SCPS: 1450 NE 2nd Ave: Miami, FL 33132 Contact number: (305) 995-1000, which is for non-technical questions only.

Other Important Links:-

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