Mia Goth Joins the Marvel “Blade” Cast Team

Marvel fans, rejoice! A stunning addition has been announced for the upcoming film “Blade”! According to Deadline, Mia Goth has officially joined the cast, joining an already talented list of actors bringing this beloved Marvel character alive onscreen.

Although we still don’t know who Mia Goth will portray, fans are already making predictions about who she could portray. Some think she might play a vampire antagonist while others speculate she could possibly play an attractive love interest for Mahershala Ali’s Blade. No one knows for certain yet, but one thing is for certain: anticipation for this film continues to build.

“Blade” is one of the highly anticipated films in Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans can’t wait for its release. Though there have been some delays in the past, with a new director and head writer in place and an all-star cast, it appears to be worth all the wait. Mahershala Ali will star as Blade, a half-human/half-vampire who has dedicated his life to hunting down and eliminating undead creatures.

Mia Goth is an exciting addition to the already impressive cast, which also includes Stephen Dorff as the villain and Ali’s “Moonlight” co-star Waleed Zuaiter. With production set to begin later this year in Atlanta, fans can look forward to more thrilling updates and casting announcements in the coming months.

For those unfamiliar with the character of Blade, he has a long and storied history in Marvel comics and was previously portrayed on-screen by Wesley Snipes in three films. The upcoming “Blade” film promises to breathe new life and excitement into this beloved character; fans cannot wait to see what Mia Goth and her fellow cast members bring to the table.

“Blade” is set for release on September 6th, 2024 and boasts an impressive cast, captivating storyline, and talented creative team that promises to delight Marvel fans around the world. Don’t miss this must-see film!

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