Top New Shows on Disney+ This Week April 17 to 23

Are you excited for an exhilarating week ahead? Disney+ promises an extraordinary lineup of shows and movies sure to keep viewers engrossed with heartwarming tales or high-octane thrills – something is guaranteed for everyone in this week’s lineup.

The Mandalorian

On Wednesday, April 19th, get excited for The Mandalorian: Season 3 Episode 8. This Star Wars spinoff chronicles Din Djarin’s adventures as she and Grogu travel throughout the galaxy as allies or enemies alike while fighting back against its dark history.

Empire of Light

On Wednesday night, watch Empire of Light for an emotional drama set in an English coastal town during the early 1980s. Hilary (Hilary Mantell-Carter), struggling with her mental health while Stephen (Steve Cradock-Fraser) are two unlikely characters who form an unlikely yet intimate bond through music, cinema and community – showing just what magic lies within each.

Cake: Season 5

Cake: Season 5 offers lighthearted fun that won’t break the bank, with both live-action and animated comedy programs that will leave viewers thinking, laughing out loud, and creating memes all at the same time! And for fans of lucha libre wrestling tune in for Mask Vs Knight (Mascara Contra Caballero: S1) to see one famous singer starting her hidden life as an amateur wrestler!

True Lies: Season 1

Stay tuned for True Lies: Season 1, an intense new series about an ordinary language professor who discovers her seemingly ordinary husband is actually an elite international spy working for U.S. intelligence agency Omega Sector. She joins him and his team of operatives on covert missions around the globe to add much-needed spice to their emotionally distant marriage while upending Omega Sector’s top-secret world.

On Wednesdays, other releases include Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Grey’s Anatomy: Season 19, The Simpsons: Season 34, Bob’s Burgers: Season 13, Will Trent: Season 1, Station 19: Season 6 and Yang Hilang Dalam Cinta (What We Lose to Love) S1, My Family S1(New Episode), Pandora: Beneath the Paradise S1(New Episode).


On Thursday, April 20, catch Quasi: an epic tale about an innocent hunchback caught up in an intense conflict between Pope and French King Louis-Philippe and don’t miss Not Dead Yet’s latest episode — an emotional comedy following Nell Serrano who begins writing obituaries as she revamps both life and career after an earlier failure at love writing obituaries for herself and other.

SUGA: Road To D-Day

On Friday, April 21, be sure to watch SUGA: Road To D-Day a documentary following BTS member SUGA as he travels the globe in search of musical inspiration for his upcoming album D-DAY. Here SUGA will reveal himself at his most vulnerable as he discusses writer’s block and digs deep into memories that inspired lyrics for various tracks off D-DAY.

Prepare yourself for an incredible week of entertainment on Disney+!

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